Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leading a ToP Team

We just concluded our “Leading a ToP Team” course for dentists and key team members. One of many timely topics that we discussed was the 6 different leadership styles and what circumstances demand each type.

The question was raised, with the current turmoil in the economic and political world today and the resulting fear that is prevailing, what type of leadership style is the best? If you do what comes naturally, you may be tempted to retreat into a “wait and see” position. But is that what you, your practice, and your team needs right now? Part of our leadership experience was planning a team “press conference” to set forth the clear plan of action for today’s troubled times. In times of uncertainty, everyone looks for direction. Who will set that direction for your practice? The media or other random voice of doubt, or YOU!

One of the secrets of success in dentistry is to look at where the average dentists are going and then run in the opposite direction! While the average office is high centered and stalled on doubt and fear, run in the opposite direction toward a clear direction of action. While everyone is waiting to see, you will have already arrived at the next level of success. So lead on!

If you would like a complimentary copy of the ToPS 6 Leadership Styles worksheet outlining what leadership style is right for what circumstances, just give our ToPS team a call at 1-877-399-8677 or e-mail us at.

Have a great week as you lead confidently to the future.